Maximiliano Dominguez

Our project consists of a series of workshops on creative and entrepreneurial skills for emerging and early stage creatives and small entrepreneurs in NWA, particularly Springdale, Fayetteville, and Rogers, followed by a capstone event.. We will invite and recruit a small cohort of BIPOC and Latinx artists, business owners, business owners to participate in the workshop series, then apply those new skills and knowledge as featured vendors at a public market on the Medium grounds. This capstone event will provide the opportunity for the cohort participants to apply what they have learned during the workshops in combination with guidance and assistance from our instructors. Our goal with this project is to build the capacity, skills, community recognition, and confidence of the participants. The workshops will be tailored towards providing skills, resources, and networks that the participants can continue to leverage and build on following the event. We see this project as an opportunity to both advocate for and collaborate with underrepresented creators in the NWA region. In addition, we envision the final event as a opportunity to celebrate the wider community, creativity, and diversity of Northwest Arkansas.

Winter 2024