Todd Mack

The Black Legacy Project will return to Northwest Arkansas in November 2023 with the Black LP touring band to do a full length concert (approximately 60 minutes) preceded by a film screening of the Black Legacy Project docuseries (approximately 30 minutes). The 8-piece band is comprised of highly skilled and talented musicians from around the country who perform selections from the 24 songs produced in the project. Projections behind the band provide valuable and powerful historical context to the songs being performed. In the seven communities where the Black Legacy Project launched, including the Ozarks, the local musicians who participated in the project will be invited onstage to join the band for the songs they reimagined, wrote, and recorded. The event will conclude with a q&a / community conversation and meet & greet with the band and project producers, providing opportunity for rich discussion about the project and race relations in the community and beyond. The Black LP Experience is equal parts art, entertainment, education, community building, and civic engagement.

Fall 2023