Amber Imrie

“Chosen Families” is a group exhibition featuring myself, Amber Imrie, and four fellow queer artists. This project centers around a pivotal aspect: a series of in-person or virtual meetings between the artists over six months prior to the exhibition. Guided by methodologies developed at The Alternative Art School, we will do exercises and conversations, inspiring the creation of new artwork by each artist. Through this process, I aim to echo the concept of Chosen Families and counter the rising anti-queer sentiment. By fostering a bonding experience, we draw upon methodologies that have historically provided safety, resilience, and joy during challenging times. The exhibition will showcase a combination of past and new works, with each artist presenting approximately 3-5 pieces. Given the interdisciplinary nature of our group, it will encompass a diverse range of mediums. Each artist’s voice, when united as a member of our Chosen Family, speaks volumes about the significance of unconditional love and the embrace of our unique and vibrant voices. The show invites the public to reimagine the concept of family. The exhibition will embody the collective journey of the artists which we will share with the public through the Opening event, Artist talk, and a special group happening on June 1st. Through thoughtful curation and a series of events, the exhibition seeks to embody the process of building a chosen family. It shares the development, insights, and hopefulness of this journey with the wider community, offering a vision of the future built on care and compassion.

Spectra Series
Spring 2023