Avery Bruce

I’d love to have the creative liberty to make theater out of the performance. Think costume, lighting, soundscape, visual projections, with scripted moments in the transitions to each song. For example, think of a visual background of train windows looking at the city whizzing past while a soundscape of train noises and peoples chatters play while I read a poem from my journal as we transition to the station, where the next song unfolds. The performance should feel like a collective journey you’re viewing through my lens. The instrumentation will have live elements, but I would also love to have a track underneath. Not just to keep me on track, but also to make it cohesive. I’d love simple acting blocks to build up, take down/move around the stage as a “set” to keep things simple, yet effective. In addition, I’d love to sprinkle in audience interaction to enhance the communal experience.

As far as collaboration goes, if I could get a couple music friends together before the performance and have them join in on a couple songs, I would love to do that. With the technical side of things, I will most likely need a bit of help with lighting cues and possibly clicking the next track and/or visual tracks.

The primary impact I am hoping to achieve is to spark imagination and inspire other to be vulnerable with their own stories. I aspire to create an experience people will remember and reflect on long after the performance concludes.

Mixtape Music Series
Summer 2024