Carla Nemec

In planning activities and events to support our theme and goal, there will be a focus on exhibits that celebrate senior art, especially the vast collection of Mary Talbert. In 1941 Mary began working in the art department for Halls Brothers, now Hallmark Cards. We have reached out to Hallmark and have so far received a positive response about their participation in some way. We also plan to provide opportunities for intergenerational collaboration through presentations, school field trips, and filmed interviews by student videographers. We hope to receive coverage from AARP, all local TV and radio stations. We will have a social media campaign geared to promote all events during our tenure including a major reception kicking off the show. Other art groups have agreed to promote our exhibit on their websites. Here are a few reasons why we believe senior artists are worth celebrating: 1) Richness of experience 2) Historical perspective 3) Mastery of craft 4) Evolution and Adaptation 5) Wisdom and mentorship 6) Legacy and inspiration. Senior artists have the ability to evolve with changing times. Their wisdom lies in their adherence to tradition but also in their willingness to explore new ideas and embrace innovation. Their ability to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary art is worthy of celebration. By recognizing and appreciating their wisdom and vision, we ensure that artistic legacies live on. We are excited to envision the opportunities and grateful to CACHE for the opportunity to apply for assistance with this important project.

Spectra Series
Winter 2024