Danielle Hatch

Soft Power: Intersections of Belonging and Public Space

The streetscapes and buildings we walk and drive past daily make up our communities’ collective unconscious. How does this built environment shape our lives and what does it mean to see ourselves reflected or rejected in the spaces we inhabit?

Soft Power: Intersections of Belonging and Public Space is a series of four site-specific works by regional artists Ziba Rajabi, Cindy Arsaga, Danielle Hatch, and Kalyn Barnoski, in collaboration with Simone Cottrell, that challenge the rigidity of the buildings that we inhabit.

Each artist engages with one facade of The Medium, with the building itself acting as a three-dimensional community quilt. The exhibition explores the geography of gender through its design, inscription and expression in public space and architecture. The resulting works highlight invisible realities associated with navigating the built environment and use cityscapes as a starting point to nurture and expand public memory.

Spectra Series
Spring 2023