Thomas James Deeter

Hermes Rising – Bringer of Dreams Teller of Tales

Hermes Rising is a lifesize forest grotto honoring both Hermes the trickster god of the Greeks and our childlike innocence. As we mature into adults some part of us is lost from childhood, but every once in a while we find ourselves alone and drifting back into a place of imagination, memory, and dream. Hermes Rising is a portal into that forgotten space of childhood. The construction entirely made of paper and paper mache draws on the innocent qualities and memories of art class, the smell of glue, or dabbling alone in your room with whatever is at your disposal. When you enter Hermes Rising, you enter the space of innocence, trick, and wonder. It is my hope that the viewer can take a piece of that space from this portal into the world and remember, once again, to imagine and dream.

Spectra Series
Summer 2022