Brandy Lee Harris

Fashion Show meets Rock Show.

“FASHION fit for a QUEEN”. A show constructed in a 2 Acts. Full of fashion, dance, and campy rock fun. All set to the music of QUEEN!

Act 1: influenced by “A Day at the Races” (1976)
Act 2: influenced by “A Night at The Opera” (1975)

Think “Cabaret” – the musical. If you are unfamilar I encourage you to google. However, instead of storied musical numbers there are thrilling runway scenes that intersect with the music. And, instead of a vaudevillian approach, it’s in the style of a glittery, rock and roll show.

The music will be provided by Magnifico. A Queen tribute band from Austin. They are well known for their incredible musical ability to play every detail in the complicated music of Queen. They are also known for their 6’5’’ charismatic, high energy, front man that wears a full body sparkly leotard and brings the ENTIRE audience together. He will double as the emcee for this production.

The ultimate focus will be on the Fashion! Starting with the band being fully stylized for each act.

I would choose between 4-6 designers (including myself) to design all the looks for the show. Carefully curating designers, models, and song choices. No show is complete without a set. I will create a space that allows the models, the band and the audience to share the show.

The purpose of this production aims to bring our community together through performance, music and fashion.

The Platform
Summer 2024