Lyle Oberman

“It’s All a F**king Lie” is a dance production that flips reality on its head, revealing the absurdity of our existence while drawing inspiration from the philosophy of mindfulness and the transience of life. With a dash of irreverence and a healthy dose of humor, this dance extravaganza will have audiences laughing, questioning, and embracing the chaotic hilarity of the present moment. With a nod towards Obermans’ education of yogic studies, learned in Rishikesh India; she will fuse eastern ancient philosophy with modern western life, building a communal impact amongst the audience.

Performed in two acts:

Act 1: The Illusion of Normality
The opening act sets the tone for the madness that lies ahead. Dancers will perform movements, imitating everyday routines while highlighting the absurdity of societal norms. Through comically synchronized choreography and exaggerated facial expressions, the performers will convey the message that everything we consider “normal” is, in fact, a preposterous charade.

Act 2: The Reality We Hide From
The second act takes a more serious and impactful turn, shedding light on the underlying illusions that govern our lives. Here the dancers unravel the masks we wear and confront the profound consequences of what we consider normal.

The Platform
Winter 2024