Chris Long

The Irregulaties is a collection of our experimental songs that will be performed in front of a live audience at the Medium. We started writing these songs over the last few years, with some set for digital release in October of 2023. The atmospheric nature of this body of work will not fit tonally with traditional club or festival spaces and we feel an art-centered space is more appropriate.

To showcase these songs to a live audience, we will be utilizing synths and live instruments that are generally reserved for studio use. Traditional rock instruments, antique woodwinds, and world music hand percussion will be used live on stage. I will be collaborating with my partner, Veronica Wirges. I will use my digital audio workstation to provide drum, sample, and keyboard patches for my banks of sound manipulation.

The collection of songs is connected to a whirlwind of emotions we experienced while I was suffering from an illness that almost took my life and for six months, took my voice from me completely. Creating these songs was our therapy. We poured my hopes, fears, and joyful moments into them. This music tethered us to the path we needed to get to the other side of that unknown darkness.

In a time when so much is said to divide people, we hope that these raw emotional pieces connect with audience members on a deeper level of humanity and help them find their inner strength and their tenderness towards each other.

Mixtape Music Series
Fall 2023