Candy Lee Bullette, A.K.A. Candy Songs

Candy songs and the Backyard Bugs perform original songs all about bugs. We dress up in bug costumes, interact with the audience for bug trivia, teach dance moves, and our caterpillar even turns into a butterfly. We play traditional ozark folk instruments in a non-traditional way, taking a journey through bluegrass, hot-club jazz, reggae, country, and rock. We even play a waltz.

Band members: Candy Lee: guitar and lead vocals, Garrett Jones: bass; Michael Schembre: fiddle, Kelly Mulhollan: banjo, Joe Credit: mandolin

Arts integration! Kids and adults alike will enjoy the music and have fun while learning about bugs. The overall goal of the project is to foster a sense of wonder for nature and create a life-long respect and appreciation for nature.

Mixtape Music Series
Winter 2023