Connor Brogan

My proposed music project will be a live re-creation of my debut album “Somewhere Before” (SWBF). The entire sonic character of the album was inspired by photographs and moving images of empty streets in an urban setting at night. Many of the visuals that influenced the sound of SWBF came from the feeling of isolation and loneliness of being somewhere desolate and unfamiliar. In the live performance, we try to replicate that feeling by creating an atmosphere in the room using synchronized lighting and fog. The room is dimly lit to accentuate silhouettes and shadows and to create a sense of mystery and wonder behind the music. The focus is on emotion and not about gimmicky stage antics or hype or even the identity of the person performing the music. It’s about feeling something and that’s what we hope people leave our shows with. A feeling. Whatever that means to them.

Mixtape Music Series
Winter 2024