Craig Colorusso

I would like to compose and perform a new piece of music for the CXF: Mixtape Music Series 2023 , using bowed guitar, bass, clarinet, and clarinet to create a room full of sound for people to come and exist with. The drones of this music will be big and long but full of detail. Extended clouds of sound sustained for the performance. The sound will allow participants to drift off. Ultimately, I would like to pose the question, “does this music make you feel better?”

This sound is the accumulation of my experience as a performing musician in touring bands as well as a traveling installation artist. Although music has saved my life, I have always felt a certain disappointment with its time based nature. For instance, “On The Beach” by Neil Young is a beautiful piece of music, but it’s over in 6 minutes and 59 seconds. I want to make music for participants to engage with as long as they like. 6 minutes and 59 seconds is not enough time. I want to create music that people can literally sit inside of and explore the infinite possibilities. Songs are no longer of interest, I can serve better with sound and light.

I would also like to explore the possibilities of light in conjunction with the music. Someone once told me light is important because it affects what you see. I think light attention to colors and brightness will contribute to the experience.

Mixtape Music Series
Spring 2024