Jacob McCoy

This musical performance will be a representation of the folk sound and listener experience that I have always envisioned for my music. With elements of artistic risk, such as added visual media and creative musical instrumentation, I hope to curate a performance that I have never had the ability or resources to construct on my own. The instrumentation I envision for this show will be a folk orchestra of sorts: myself on guitar and vocals, a local string-section composed of violinist Coral Bradshaw, cellist Austin Hinrichs, and upright bass player Asher Perkins, as well as my wife on backup vocals. Laying strong vocal harmonies and intricate, melodic acoustic guitar atop a bed of orchestral composition, this show will be an intimate-yet-exciting showcase of local musicians demonstrating a fresh interpretation of roots music. In addition to strong musical support, I would be excited to incorporate visual elements and storytelling into this performance by showcasing photography and videography that represents the inspirations behind the songs. While I recognize that many of these elements would make this a new undertaking for me, I know that I have the experience, track record, passion and capacity to succeed. My hope is that this project will serve the NWA community and further challenge me as an artist to stretch myself creatively and grow professionally.

Mixtape Music Series
Winter 2024