Maria Pineda

I am requesting funds to help fund the creation of a series of multi-scale drawings based on my personal experiences that will serve as part of the foundation for my career as a practicing artist. In these drawings I will continue to work with cultural themes and visuals that are relevant to my identity as a Latinx artist. The mixed media drawings will teeter on the edge of representational and abstract. Like my work samples, these drawings will explore the iconicity of Mexican and Mexican-American food items and the architectural landscape of my immigrant parent’s hometown of Acambaro, GTO, Mexico.

I plan on spending the majority of my weekends and weekday evenings in the studio resulting in a completed or near-completed drawing each week. At the 3 week mark I will host an open studio night, that I will promote on my personal Instagram, during which people can view my works in progress and/or chat about the work. During my residency, I will regularly meet and work with fellow artist Anthony Garcia to plan a joint show in a local art space that will mark the end of my residency. I will display work I made as a resident artist at our joint show.

While creating artworks that will further my artistic career is important to me, the most meaningful part of this project will be creating drawings that local Latinx community members can relate to or see themselves in no matter the age or educational background.

The Medium Artist Residencies
Fall 2023