Vincent Frimpong

The studio at The Medium is where I plan to spend all the time I can preparing my artwork. My idea is to complete an 11-foot by 8 ft sculpture, where I will be sewing road signs together for one of my installation pieces for my thesis. My most important piece will be a 100 x 60 feet sculpture that I have been collaborating with my people back in Ghana to make. It will be the biggest cost to ship here, but once I get the work to the US, I know it will be monumental in size and impact. I plan to continue my paintings on canvas but upgrade their size since I will have a free and dedicated space. My current studio I use for my clay works, so it is integral that I have an open space where I can separate the mediums since they don’t work well together in small areas. I am interested in how I can transform a studio with my designs and objects, and I want to be surrounded by my culture so that others can see my influences and learn something from the works made in their latest forms. It is important for me to share my people and my pride as an African man and artist.

The Medium Artist Residencies
Winter 2024