Paige Dirksen

I would like to focus on a body of work that incorporates my modern block printed pieces with quilting. At the beginning of the pandemic, my mother and I started collaborating on art quilts. It was a great way for us to feel connected during that time, but I haven’t been able to prioritize the project since because of several limitations. I’m interested in exploring parallels of quilting and printmaking: recycling/repurposing, the artists’ hand in the work, and communal art-making. This project would explore these parallels by experimenting with the combination of these mediums (with a focus on improving my design and sewing skills), and by facilitating art-making with some community groups.

I would use the studio space primarily for printing fabric (with ink that doesn’t require ventilation), and designing/assembling the large-scale quilts. Additionally, I would like to open the space up to facilitate art-making with some community groups. The goal would be to teach them new skills (printing/quilting), and to create a quilt together. I would use this opportunity to examine what that process is like for a group, practice my group facilitation and processing skills, and then ideally continue the project on with other groups after the residency and someday exhibit the work to bring these groups together. This would serve as a pilot phase of that larger goal.

If selected, I would plan on working in the studio about 3 mornings a week (9am – noon), and several evenings each week (around 6pm – 9pm).

The Medium Artist Residencies
Spring 2024