Megan Pobywajlo

I am currently in the process of digitizing local counter cultural newspapers, newsletters, and ephemera from both institutional archives and local people. I have only just recently begun to reproduce and collage some of these materials as broadsides, prints, and zines. In my time at the Medium, I hope to continue to remix and de-virtualize this archival material using a combination of photography, risograph, cut/paste and digital print processes. My provided space will be dedicated to this and to experimenting with new methods of displaying the prints in search of room-size installation strategies. I want to work towards creating an immersive artwork that might also function as an educational environment for future lectures and zine releases related to a local ‘people’s history’ of Arkansas.

I live less than a five minute walk from the Medium, and will have more daytime availability next Spring, so near-daily use of the studio is my goal! I hope to also schedule in-person and online studio visits in the provided space. I would like to dedicate a portion of my CXF funding to make a risograph print edition to offer as take-aways on Visual Art Nite.

The Medium Artist Residencies
Winter 2024