Ashtyn Barbaree

My proposed music performance project is an experience that aims to captivate audiences through a collection of original songs performed on piano and vocals. Drawing from my classical piano training and departure from my usual guitar and ukulele instrumentation for composing, this project offers a unique and new sound with intricate melodies and emotive storytelling.

Collaboration plays a pivotal role, as I will work closely with local artists, notably Randall Shreve, to co-write some of the songs. Co-writing offers diverse perspectives and the creative input will help enrich the music, elevating its depth and resonance.

Through this project, I hope to leave a lasting impact on both the audience and myself. I aim to engage listeners on a profound level, evoking genuine emotions and fostering a sense of connection and introspection. By departing from my comfort zone and exploring new artistic territories, I also aim to inspire fellow musicians and artists to embrace creative risks and push their own boundaries.

Ultimately, I want to contribute to the growth and innovation of the music community. I seek to inspire exploration and experimentation, encouraging artists to challenge themselves and find their unique voices. By sharing this collection of songs, I hope to leave a lasting impression that encourages creative inspiration that extends well after the performance itself.

Mixtape Music Series
Winter 2023