Matteo Cassi

As composer and performer I am working towards arranging a concert that embodies the essence of the Mediterranean region, my place of origin. Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry of the Mediterranean, my music showcases a fusion of Southern European instruments such as bouzouki and mandolin, intertwining harmoniously with African percussive instruments and a strings section.

Through my compositions, I aim to share stories from the Mediterranean Sea, encapsulating both the realities of modern migrations and stories of the ancient myths of the area.

My collaborators will be musicians scouted in NWA, among them I already performed and rehearsed with the poly instrumentalist Sarah Busch (violin, harpsichord, flute) that will be part of this project, with her skills and connections in the local music scene to scout the rest of the musicians.

This concert serves as flagship project for my broader research, which originated during my Anthropology Master’s degree. As an ethnomusicologist studying Morocco and North Africa, I conducted research on behalf of the prestigious Italian College, “”Università La Sapienza di Roma.”” My objective is to establish and explore the existence of connections and cultural exchanges within the Mediterranean region, highlighting their integral role in shaping our Mediterranean identity.

By doing so, I hope to dispel stereotypes surrounding migration as a menacing phenomenon, and instead promote an understanding of the historical, social, and cultural significance of travel in the Mediterranean area.

Mixtape Music Series
Spring 2024